March 10, 2017

Thomas Aquinas College announces first members of Northfield campus team

Staff report 

Chapel on the old campus grounds of Northfield Mt. Herman School.

Chapel on the campus grounds of the former Northfield Mount Herman School.

SANTA PAULA, Calf. – The president of Thomas Aquinas College, Michael F. McLean, has announced that four seasoned members of Thomas Aquinas College’s teaching faculty, an admissions counselor, and their families, have agreed to be among the “pioneers” who will settle the school’s forthcoming branch campus in Northfield, Mass.

“I am pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Kaiser will head our initial New England team and, per our governance plan, will have the title of associate dean,” said President McLean. “In addition, the team will include tutors Dr. Michael Augros, Dr. Patrick Gardner, and Dr. Phillip Wodzinski, as well as Mr. Patrick Cross from our Admissions Office.

“All have demonstrated an admirable willingness to take on the challenge of opening and managing a new campus in New England, and I am very confident that with a team of this quality we will be successful,” McLean said.

In February, Thomas Aquinas College and the National Christian Foundation (NCF) announced that they had entered into a preliminary agreement, under which the NCF will give the college the former campus of a preparatory school in Northfield on May 2. Contingent upon the approval of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, the branch campus will open its doors to students in the fall of 2018.

For information about each of the Northfield team members, visit the college’s website at